Restrictions Update

30th April 2020

Hi Hoggies,

It has been very hard for everyone dealing with all the restrictions due to this Coronavirus andemic. It is great that the Government is now starting to lift a few of the restrictions and clarifying that riding a motorcycle is beneficial for mental health and exercise.

Just remember the social distancing rule of 1.5m still applies.

Whilst it’s ok to ride for mental health and exercise reasons, riding as a group is still on hold.

We still need more information on social gatherings. The newspaper today stated the Government is going to lift the ban on larger outdoor gatherings around late May if not sooner.

At this stage all our rides and monthly meeting in May are cancelled, new information on restrictions is coming out almost every day.

Keep an eye out for updated information on Team App and Facebook regarding our rides.

I will be posting on Facebook tonight about an activities to engage members and a virtual meeting for next week.

Hang in there guys, we are slowly getting there!!!Ride safe and take care everyone.


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