The Oaks Hotel Ride

By Krystof
Category: Ride Reports

We woke up to this grand riding weather despite multiple weather warnings that it was going to rain, or be windy, or both. So no late cancellations for this one, yay!

I packed all the chapter flags, a few bottles of water, a first aid kit, a portable air pump and a few more, completely unnecessary, items you pack when you go for a ride with friends.

I could also wear my rain gear to make sure it was not going to rain but I quickly abandoned the foolish idea. If it was going to rain .. I did not care a lot at this point in time.

Arrived as one of the first people at the West Gosford Maccas and had quickly realised that I was supposed to collect money and sign people in. We managed to do just that and even got myself a nice cup of coffee in the meantime, so it was a perfect start to the adventure.

We uneventfully left Maccas, on time, all fourteen of us, soon to be twelve as Judy and Jason were peeling off at the Berowra exit.

Everything went to the grand plan and we safely arrived at AJ’s Café in Greystanes. I had been reading some good reviews about the coffee sold there – and they were right. As a first class coffee snob I was able to confirm it. Other people were also happily communicating the fact. My initial fear of not having enough space to park quickly dissolved into nothingness when we saw this beautiful row of empty parking spots just waiting for us at the servo next door.

We also managed to organise an electronic version of our ride raffle and Moose was the lucky winner who scored $20 of lunch money.

After a nice coffee break we continued our ride onto The Oaks Hotel – left onto Old Prospect then M4, Mamre Rd exit, then towards Warragamba Dam and before we knew it, we were already there. Some beautiful scenery had already started to appear on the way. It is also worth noting that the reservation worked nicely, the venue was Covid safe and they even managed to provide me with some vegan lunch. No, chicken is not vegan, was the answer I have been repeating for a while now.

So the lunch was good, and the weather was behaving, so we continued, as pre-planned, to visit the local Burrangorang Lookout, roughly 15 minutes away. It is worth noting that we found one young rider who had failed to negotiate one of the slippery corners, but he seemed to had attracted enough attention and was on his feet in a few moments, that we decided to continue with our ride.

Some people were at the lookout for the first time, and the place had some amazing views to offer, so we were all happy, took a few photos of our riding group, the view from the lookout, chilled and then headed back.

Overall, I would like to thank all the road captains who + Geoff aka Sheriff who decided not to become one but keeps acting like one, pretty much every ride I am on.

Hopefully the ride was a great crescendo to our riding chapter calendar of year 2020 and we are all ready for more in 2021.


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