Krambach Hotel

By Mumbles
Category: Ride Reports

For such a windy day, we had 18 members attend the longest ride we have had for a while. With Kerrie and John Hall taking photos along the way, we headed north up the freeway, onto the Hunter Expressway then headed out through East Maitland, Paterson and onto Dungog for morning tea.

It was a windy day but everyone coped well. It got quite cool before Dungog but the sun kept shining. Travelling along country roads, some tight corners, some nice big sweepers, road works, pot hole filled roads but all leading us through our beautiful countryside.

From Dungog we rode along winding back roads, over narrow bridges to come out at a little town called Stroud Road. We turned left onto Bucketts Way and we headed toward Gloucester but bypassed the actual town and then headed toward Krambach, a few wondering if we would make it as our fuel was getting low. 

We stopped for one and a half hours for lunch at Krambach Hotel. The wait for the food was long but it was nice food. 

On our trip home we went through Nabiac and Buladelah, turning right to head toward Booral. This was a more scenic way to go home rather than the freeway. The road had a few twists and turns but the pack stayed tight which made it easier on the Road Captains. We turned back onto Bucketts Way but this time we were heading the other way.

My bag was undone so I pulled over on the freeway and waved the pack on leaving them in the capable hands of the Road Captains. I caught up but when we arrived at Heatherbrae to say our goodbyes, the comment of the day was made by Rough who was Tail End Charlie......."Of all the years I've been a Road Captain, I've never come around the corner to have Tail End Charlie be directly behind the Lead Road Captain, we lost the pack"


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