Black Bear BBQ Twilight Ride

By Mumbles
Category: Ride Reports

What looked like the ride may have been going to be washed out, turned out to be a lovely afternoon ride. A few bits of wet road here and there but we stayed dry

It was Matt Casamento's 1st lead ride today and his brother, Josh and his father, Greg, came on the ride to support him. It was nice having the 3 of you on a ride again. We actually went to leave, and realised it was10 mins early so we turned our bikes off and waited a little longer. 

We had a few extras on the ride today, all ex road captains so they helped out on a few corners today. It was nice to see Annie back out riding, it's been a long time since she has been on her bike. Sandro from CCH-D also joined us, coming straight from work.

We left CCH-D and rode up Dog Trap Rd, then onto Wisemans Ferry Rd and continued through to Wisemans, over the ferry and had a 15 min leg stretch and chat. We continued through a few back streets to come out on Windsor Rd at Riverstone right near the Black Bear BBQ. 

We had to wait 10 mins to be seated so we had our usual group photo and chatted some more. There were 30 people on 21 bikes and 1 car and 4 children. It was great to have Cam's girls on the ride and Zoot's Godkids who came along in the car.

Although we initially had to wait to be seated, you could not fault the quick service. Some of us had not even been served and the first lot of dinner's were coming out. The food was lovely and huge servings. 

After we left, we were going to stop and say our good byes at the Shell at Norwest however Michael thought we were going another way and took the last 5 bikes and Zoot in the car with him (ex Head Road Captain....should have known better haha). 

Alls well that ends well, we said our goodbyes and headed through the North Connex toward home with alot of riders having fun revving their bikes.

Well done Matt, everyone enjoyed the ride!


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